This section describes the target audience for their courses, which include individuals looking to transition into an AI/ data science career, young graduates with a keen interest in the arena but are struggling to get placed and launch their tech careers, along with professionals in technology or data-related fields seeking to upskill.

We offer data science and AI courses to address the needs of:

1. Individuals and graduates from any career discipline, who are interested in transitioning into a career in data science or AI and want to gain the skills and knowledge needed to do so.

2. Business professionals and managers who want to understand how data science and AI can be used to make better decisions and improve their company’s performance.

3. Researchers and academics in fields such as computer science, statistics, and mathematics who want to stay current with the latest trends and techniques in data science and AI.

4. Entrepreneurs and start-up founders who want to learn how to leverage data science and AI to build successful companies.

5. Professionals in technology or data-related fields such as software engineers, data analysts, and statisticians.