Jumpstart your career by upskilling with us, 100% cost-free!!!

The premise that motivated us to launch “Launchpad”
Data Science, analytics, and machine learning are growing at an astronomical rate and companies are now looking for professionals who can sift through the goldmine of data and help them drive swift business decisions efficiently. With this, we wanted to offer you a means to secure a recession-proof career pathway, with Data Science Academy.

What is Launchpad?

It is an ambitious brainchild of Data Science Academy that fetches an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and proficient graduates, who are tired of battling continued, career roadblocks and setbacks.

Why are we different?
• We offer 100% Free Training to enterprising graduates with a keen interest in IT skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Python, React JS, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, Natural Language Processing and a suite of other similar skillsets.
• Post the successful completion of training with us, we roll out a 100% Job Guarantee, by placing you with hiring employers, offering a minimum yearly package of 3 Lakhs per annum.
• Bid goodbyes to your career anxieties with Launchpad, as it brings you the hard-to-miss opportunity to upskill yourself with industry gurus, who are the best in the business!!!
• Training requirements can be tailored to meet the needs of host companies.

What are the conditions that apply?
• Interested and eligible candidates are required to successfully pass our screening tests which evaluate their aptitude in the following, in order to secure their “free training spot”

  • Language
  • Numerical
  • Logical
  • You must hold a BE or B.Tech in any stream or any Bachelor Degree in Computer Science; Year of Graduation being 2017 or later

How to contact us?
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