You can complete the program at your own pace through lecture recordings and learning materials.

In case you miss a class, you can watch the recording later. If you miss multiple classes, you can switch to another Cohort.

You will have lifetime access to the entire course content, including recordings, materials, assessments, and projects.

Once you learn and master a particular module, you will be required to attempt a set of tests which includes a series of assessments and capstone projects. Once you pass all of these, you will be considered competent.

In case you have any doubts or difficulties in learning, you can post your questions on the ‘Discord Community channel’ and it will be resolved quickly. You’ll get access to those right after enrolling in the program.

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Yes, post completion, you will get a certificate post completion of your course. Additionally, you will also get a completion certificate for successfully clearing milestone competency tests.

At DSA, we have an equivalent number of students from non-technical backgrounds who are enthusiastic about learning Data Science & AI, and building a career in the same field from scratch. Therefore, our curriculum is designed in such a way that it caters to the doubts of a layman as well as an expert in this subject. So, do not hesitate to begin your learning journey because you’ll be taught everything beginning from the high school concepts to the advanced level. And once you complete the program, you will have sufficient knowledge to tackle the interviews as well as have hands-on experience in multiple projects which you can add to your profile.

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